14 Ingenious Marijuana Tech Companies

There have been all kinds of interesting innovations in marijuana technology. From handy apps that make buying weed easier for cannabis consumers to complex software platforms that improve the operations of cannabis businesses, it seems that the innovative worlds of the tech industry and the cannabis industry go hand-in-hand.

Whether you’re a marijuana entrepreneur looking for inspiration, an investor looking for the next big thing or simply just interested in the leaps that have been made in cannabis-focused technology, it’s worth learning more about some of the top marijuana tech companies today.

Here are some ingenious marijuana tech companies to check out:

1. Eaze

As far as exciting marijuana apps go, Eaze is one of the best.

Entrepreneur Keith McCarty originally founded the business and ran it out of his apartment with only four employees. Now, Eaze is a major app that has accumulated over $52 million from investors and gained a reputation as the “Uber of weed”.

eaze marijuana delivery

Eaze is an app that enables marijuana consumers to get same-day delivery on all of their favorite products. It started as a way for medical marijuana users to get products delivered to their doorstep, but it now serves tons of recreational and medical users in over 100 cities in California.

With many cannabis consumers wanting easy and efficient weed delivery, Eaze fit a niche and made it easy for customers to get marijuana delivered through their easy-to-use app. They now offer even more services, such as giving users the resources they need to obtain medical marijuana cards.

2. GreenRush

Another one of the top marijuana tech companies is GreenRush. Much like Eaze, GreenRush offers an easy-to-use interface for cannabis consumers to get the products they need delivering locally. Users can find cannabis near them as well as checking out top brands and special deals.

greenrush dellivery app

GreenRush has partners all over the United States, including California, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Weed users in these states can get efficient marijuana home delivery. You can even apply to be a driver for GreenRush and deliver products directly to customer’s doors.

Users looking to use GreenRush simply have to check out their website and they can find all of the cannabis and CBD products they want. With a huge demographic of weed users who want to find top-quality products without having to search around for them, GreenRush is a fantastic bit of technology that helps out many.

3. Baker

New marijuana tech companies haven’t just enhanced the way consumers get their hands on weed. Dispensaries and other cannabis businesses have benefited even more from innovative technology, especially with new software designed to make running a cannabis business easier. Baker is a prime example of this.

baker dispensary CRM

Baker is a CRM platform tailor-made for cannabis companies. It helps businesses improve their customer relations by helping build customer lists, offering ways to engage with them and market products, providing analytics, and even making it easy to offer online menus, home deliveries, and customer rewards.

All of these operations enable cannabis businesses to increase sales, improve customer experience, and keep customers coming back. Baker provides an innovative platform that makes it easy for companies to handle all of these things efficiently and continue to grow.

4. LeafLink

LeafLink is a platform designed to make the entire process of selling and buying inventory as efficient as possible for cannabis retailers, distributors, and producers. It connects cannabis companies in various states to make their operations run as smoothly as possible, saving them time and boosting their success.


Rather than making phone calls, finding out what’s in stock, and having to spend hours collecting information and budgeting to order stock, retailers can now do it quickly and easily through LeafLink’s accessible interface. The process is just as beneficial for suppliers and brands who want to shift their stock and increase their profits.

Business owners can check out LeafLink’s platform for themselves using their online demo. Not only does it make orders easy, but it also provides analytics and tools to improve CRM and make operations run more successfully overall.

5. PotBotics 

pot botPotBotics is the creator of PotBot, a fascinating app targeted at medical marijuana users. Medical marijuana use is growing throughout the United States. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of marijuana and using it for a wide range of mental and physical ailments. However, with so many different strains and products, many users aren’t sure where to start when it comes to buying and using weed.

As such, PotBotics provides users with a helpful, easy-to-use app that connects them with the products they need. Much like WebMD, users can enter their symptoms and find out how to treat them using medical marijuana. The app also supplies users with nearby locations where they can find the products they need and connects them with doctors to help them get their medical card.

Overall, the app provides medical marijuana users with all the help and resources they need for treatment. They aggregate the latest peer-reviewed reports and studies to provide expert recommendations. They even allow users to log and track their progress. It’s an interesting and innovative piece of marijuana technology that fulfills a much-needed purpose.

6. Leaf

While many innovative marijuana tech companies focus on apps and software, there has also been some awesome developments when it comes to growing equipment. Take Leaf, for example. This home-growing machine is commercially available for anyone who wants to grow weed or other herbs at home.

leaf features

Growing weed is now legal in many places. However, doing so requires setting up an enclosed growing space where you can have control over conditions such as the temperature, humidity, and light levels your plants are exposed to. This can be costly and difficult, but Leaf makes the whole process easy with its automatic home growing system.

leaf marijuana tech

For just $3,000, this innovative device makes it exceptionally easy to grow from home. You can give your plants the conditions they need and feed them nutrients automatically. It even has a drying mode for when you need to harvest. What’s more, you can control the entire operation from a handy mobile app.

Although it’s designed for all plants and herbs, it’s one of the best pieces of technology available for marijuana growers right now.

7. Seedo

Seedo is another home growing system that’s tailored specifically to the hydroponic growing of marijuana.

seedo growing system

Hydroponic growing is a method of growing that involves submerging plants in water packed with nutrients. This results in some satisfyingly healthy and potent plants which you can then harvest for high-quality weed.

seed home lab

The device looks like a mini-fridge, and all you have to do is plant a seed or clone inside and let it handle the rest. You can control the system via a mobile app and set it up to grow your plants automatically. It’s designed to give you the best yields possible, making it a fantastic piece of equipment for anyone looking to grow marijuana.

This is another innovative piece of equipment from one of the most ingenious marijuana tech companies. The ability to handle the entire growing operation from home makes it incredibly valuable for anyone interested in hydroponic growing. Consumers are available to get one of these home growing appliances for just $2,400 and use it for all their growing needs.

8. Tokr

Tokr is another ingenious app designed for cannabis consumers. It allows users to browse through a range of products and buying guides to find the products they want. You can even order products for home delivery via their easy-to-use interface within minutes. 

tokr cannabis delivery tech app

While their cannabis delivery services are only available in the Los Angeles area, they also make it easy for users across the nation to find CBD products and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Although there are now a few marijuana delivery apps, Tokr’s interface makes it highly attractive for consumers. It provides advice and guidance on everything users need to know when it comes to buying medical cannabis products.

9. SimLeaf

Marijuana growers will enjoy using the innovative SimLeaf app when they’re planning to start growing plants for themselves. The app is described as a 3D Medicinal Plant Growing Simulator and allows you to experiment with growing conditions to see exactly how your seeds will grow.

simleaf example

The app is available on Google Play and the Apple Store for just $2.99, a small cost for the level of detail it provides. The software is highly accurate and allows users to educate themselves on growing.

Growing marijuana can take a lot of time and investment, and SimLeaf helps by allowing growers to grow a Virtual Plant before the real thing. It’s another fascinating tech that can help out those interested in growing marijuana.

10. MassRoots

MassRoots is one of the first social networks dedicated to marijuana users. It started back in 2013 by co-founders Isaac Dietrich and Tyler Knight as they wanted a social network where they could share cannabis-related pictures with other enthusiasts.

The founders had to max out credit cards to launch MassRoots as banks and venture capital firms wouldn’t fund a cannabis-related app. Within weeks, the app gained thousands of users through word-of-mouth and online communities.

massroots header

Now, MassRoots serves over 1,000,000 users who want to share information on cannabis strains and products. It also has a massive advertising portal allowing cannabis businesses to promote their services.

12. Resolve Digital Health

flower inhaler resolve digital healthResolve Digital Health is another ingenious marijuana tech company providing innovative vaporizing devices for medical marijuana users. Their Resolve MD design is described as a smart flower inhaler that’s designed to let users vaporize medical marijuana while also sending information automatically to doctors and caregivers.

They’re also planning to launch the Resolve GO, a discreet oil vaporizer, and a biometric wrist strap to monitor health. These fascinating new pieces of technology are approved by Health Canada and should be available soon.

13. Wisp

Wisp looks a bit like a high-tech coffee machine. However, instead of being used for coffee pods, it’s a unique vaporizing device that’s compatible with cannabis vape pods. Users can apply a variety of compatible vape pods for easy and efficient vaping from this household system.

wisp weed machine

The device allows for some pure and potent vapor hits. It also makes the whole process of setting it up and cleaning up easy. It’s another intuitive piece of marijuana technology that offers something unique for users.

14. tCheck

One of the most ingenious marijuana tech companies right now is tCheck – a portable device that allows you to test the potency of marijuana products. When it comes to using weed and marijuana edibles, many users have no idea just how strong their products are. This innovative tool allows you to check the potency of products almost instantly.

test results tcheck

All you have to do is put your product in the tester and it’ll give you live readings in minutes, sent directly to an app on your phone. It can test cannabis-infused oils and butter for levels of THC, THCA, and CBD. You can also get an expansion kit for testing strains of marijuana flower and concentrates.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the marijuana tech industry has been booming in the last few years and a whole bunch of cool tech companies have been launched.

Keep an eye on these up and coming marijuana tech companies who are leading the industry with innovation and technology.

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