10x Incoming Leads for Ancillary Marijuana Business

Our Challenge There aren't many places to advertise a marijuana-related business online. Google Adwords TOS prohibits drug-related advertising. Our Goals Our goal was to create a Google Adwords campaign for a marijuana insurance company and increase their incoming leads by 5x. Our Strategy Our strategy was to create high-quality and high-converting landing page that converts [...]

4x Organic Traffic to a Wholesale Vape Cartridge Supplier

Our Challenge With a number of competitors in the vape pen cartridge market, we had a brand new site and no web presence. Our Goals Our goal was to build content and see a 2-3x increase in 3 months, increasing sales of the product and traffic on the website. Our Strategy Our strategy was to create [...]

Dispensary Website Grows 500% in 6 months

Our Challenge There are thousands of competitors in the marijuana dispensary industry and they are all in a small local area in legal states. Our Goals To acquire quality directory citations and increase traffic 300% within 4 months, improving organic visibility and more visitors in-store. Our Strategy Leverage Local SEO with on-page website optimization to [...]