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How To Build A Cannabis Marketing Plan

It’s a great time to be part of the cannabis industry. More and more states across the US are opening up to legalizing marijuana, with 11 now allowing adults to use weed for recreational purposes. Plus, with plenty more states allowing medical marijuana for certain patients and Canada emerging as a huge market for cannabis, […]

8 SEO Tips for Marijuana Delivery Businesses to Rank #1

Since the legalization of Marijuana in a number of states, it has become more and more possible to start a marijuana delivery business. Right now is the best time to start optimizing your website and growing your online presence since there isn’t a whole lot of competition…yet. Marijuana delivery makes it possible for customers to […]

Weedmaps Vs. Leafly: Which is Better For Your Dispensary?

With the rise of medical and recreational marijuana, there has been a number of online directories popping up that focus on showing you the best dispensaries near you. For dispensary owners, Weedmaps and Leafly can be vital in growing your dispensary, both online and off. With over 17 million website visitors a month combined, these 2 […]

SEO for Dispensaries: Growing Your Traffic Organically

If you were growing marijuana a decade ago, all you had to know was “if you grow it, they will come.” For better and for worse, the legalization of marijuana in some states has made the market more competitive than ever. This is great news when it comes to the variety and potency of new […]

8 Great Sources of Backlinks for Dispensaries

If you think of the web as an actual web, its a lot easier to see why having more backlinks to your website can be beneficial. The point in the center is the most ‘linked to’ part of the web, so this is probably the most important part of the web (or website). Google’s (and […]

60 Dispensary Directories that will Increase Your SEO

With the large explosion of legal marijuana and dispensaries in the US (and Canada) there has been no shortage of marijuana and cannabis related websites popping up. A large number of marijuana directories have sprouted up that lists hundreds of dispensaries. These dispensary directories are perfect for adding your dispensary too in order to gain […]

Marijuana Marketing: SEO Guide for Dispensaries

Let’s face it… Right now is a gold-rush and many small business owners and entrepreneurs are starting dispensaries in the now 10 states that have legalized marijuana. But that means that competition is tight! So how can you make your dispensary stand out from the crowd? Search Engine Optimization is a tried and true way […]