4x Organic Traffic to a Wholesale Vape Cartridge Supplier

wholesale510 tanks

Our Challenge

With a number of competitors in the vape pen cartridge market, we had a brand new site and no web presence.

Our Goals

Our goal was to build content and see a 2-3x increase in 3 months, increasing sales of the product and traffic on the website.

Our Strategy

Our strategy was to create high-quality and engaging content around the wholesale vape cartridge niche and attract high powered backlinks that help rank the articles high in Google.


Within 1 year, we were able to increase the traffic and organic keywords to the e-commerce website by over 4x.

Not to mention that they saw a huge spike in customers, orders and revenue coming in.

organic keywords

Now, they have a steady stream of new customers coming to their website every single day that are primed and ready to buy.

We were also able to rank them #1 for some of their main keywords which bring in the majority of their targeted customers.

case study organic keywordsSo how did we do it?

We built this amazing piece of content that is a vape pen cartridge wholesale guide and to date, it has received almost 80,000 views.

The in-depth guide was optimized for SEO and attracted some high powered links that ranked it high in Google for target keywords.

If you have an e-commerce store, we can do the same content marketing strategy for you. Our National SEO package is perfect for monthly content creation that brings in target customers ready to buy.