10x Incoming Leads for Ancillary Marijuana Business

marijuana seo growth

Our Challenge

There aren’t many places to advertise a marijuana-related business online. Google Adwords TOS prohibits drug-related advertising.

Our Goals

Our goal was to create a Google Adwords campaign for a marijuana insurance company and increase their incoming leads by 5x.

Our Strategy

Our strategy was to create high-quality and high-converting landing page that converts Adwords traffic into paying customers.


Many marijuana businesses are unable to use Google Adwords to advertise their products or services. While this is actually against Google’s TOS, we have figured out a way to run pay per click ads for ancillary businesses in the marijuana niche.

We did heavy keyword research to find the best keywords to use to capture cannabis business owners who are looking for cannabis insurance online.

Since there isn’t much competition in the space, we are seeing pretty decent CPC’s of about $7… which in the insurance space, is pretty low. The client’s customer lifetime value is $2500, so our goal was to generate leads for $100 or below.

With a carefully written ad and optimizations, we were able to create $2500 value leads for the price of $50-$80 per lead at an 8% conversion rate!


Our client now has a steady stream of highly qualified leads coming in daily.

Whether you are a marijuana insurance provider, marijuana POS, cannabis CPA, cannabis software provider or product, we can help you grow your marijuana business with PPC advertising.

If you are interested in running a Google Adwords campaign for your ancillary marijuana business, contact us today!