Top 11 Cannabis Advisors & Consultants

Many budding entrepreneurs nowadays are getting into the cannabis industry.

But the cannabis industry can be tricky to navigate, especially with all of the laws and regulations surrounding it. The legal cannabis industry in the United States is still relatively new and, as such, entrepreneurs will need a lot of advice and guidance to ensure that everything goes smoothly as possible.

If you’re running any kind of cannabis business, you should seek out the top cannabis advisors and consultants to help.

Cannabis advisors and consultants make it their job to ensure that your business runs smoothly and successfully. There are now many firms dedicated to advising cannabis business owners. Some focus on particular aspects, such as legal consulting or accounting for cannabis businesses.

Here are the top 10 cannabis advisors & consultants that can help with your business:

1. Canna Advisors

If you’re looking for a top cannabis consultancy that can help you in practically all areas of your business, Canna Advisors is worth checking out. Canna Advisors started in Colorado, one of the biggest hotbeds for cannabis companies. Over the years, they have expanded to help businesses across the United States, as well as in other countries such as Canada, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Canna Advisors offer various services to help all kinds of cannabis companies. Startups can get help with licensing, facility design, staff sourcing, developing their business and a lot more. However, they aren’t just helpful for new businesses. Long-running cannabis businesses may want help with growth optimization, development or even working on their exit strategy.

Overall, this is one of the top cannabis advisors and consultants with a wealth of experience in dealing with pretty much any obstacle you can face in the cannabis industry. Whether you need to improve your business in one aspect or all aspects, you might want to seek their help.

2. Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Sapphire Risk Advisory Group is an organization dedicated to protecting businesses from common risks. They help startups and experienced businesses develop and improve security systems to ensure they’re protected from all kinds of business risks and crimes.

While the organization offers its services to businesses in various sectors, they also specialize in cannabis security. Cannabis companies are especially prone to risks as they need to ensure they adhere to certain policies and regulations. They also need to consider common issues such as theft and health and safety.

Some of the tailored services Sapphire Risk Advisory Group offers to cannabis companies include Application Security Consulting, Security Floorplan Design, Policy & Procedures, and Theft Investigation, along with many others.

Their services can help ensure things run smoothly for your business and you keep your assets safe.

3. Emerald Elite Consulting

Emerald Elite Consulting offers expert guidance tailored to cannabis growers. Cannabis cultivation has a range of unique challenges, such as controlling growing conditions to maximize the growth of plants and preventing problems such as pests, diseases, and mold. Emerald Elite Consulting helps growers prepare for all of these issues and optimize their plants.

Although the demand for cannabis is growing, Emerald Elite Consulting notes that cannabis prices have dropped. With many cultivators focusing on generic grow plans, Emerald Elite Consulting aims to help growers create high-quality products to maximize their success and profits.

As well as offering experienced consulting to growers, Emerald Elite Consulting can also help with Retail Operations, Testing, and more. They’re one of the top cannabis advisors with plenty of experience to help businesses of all sizes improve and grow.

4. MJ Platform

MJ Platform is a fascinating software platform for companies in the marijuana industry, helping them improve their operations from seed-to-sale. It can help you improve all kinds of aspects of your business big and small to ensure that you maximize your success and efficiency. However, in addition to providing a helpful piece of software, MJ Platform also offers cannabis consulting to help businesses improve.

Startups looking to win a cannabis license, build and set up a successful business, and improve their operations from bottom to top can benefit from the guidance given by MJ Platform. They can also help existing businesses grow and develop further with their team of experienced individuals.

They work with businesses to devise tailor-made plans for improvements in all aspects of running a cannabis business. They can help with retail operations, large-scale growers, online cannabis businesses, and anyone else in the industry. If you’re running any form of business in the industry and need some experienced knowledge and guidance, check them out for help.

5. Steep Hill 

When it comes to producing and selling cannabis, testing is one of the most important operations. Cannabis testing helps ensure that products live up to the best standards possible. It can also help reduce any risk of contaminants, excessive moisture, and other potential problems. Steep Hill can help organizations with ensuring their products and equipment are up to standards.

Steep Hill is a leading company dealing in cannabis science and technology. They offer various services for cannabis distributors, producers, and regulators. They provide fast and accurate testing to determine the specific levels of cannabinoids, moisture, and more in cannabis. They also help with cannabis safety, regulation testing, product development, cultivation science, and more.

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Large-scale cannabis producers will find these services especially useful. They can help cultivators improve their equipment and processes to ensure they produce the highest quality of cannabis. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, they offer top-notch services to businesses in the cannabis industry around the world.

6. Green Rush Consulting

Green Rush Consulting is another popular cannabusiness consultant. Not only can they help all kinds of cannabis business owners, but they also help interested investors find fantastic opportunities in the cannabis industry. They offer an impressive selection of services to lead you on your way to a successful and profitable cannabis venture.

With a strong track record in helping businesses gain licensing in various states, startups can benefit greatly from these services. They also help businesses grow and develop with services such as brand development, business strategy and a lot more. It isn’t just for marijuana businesses, either. They also help entrepreneurs operating in the fast-growing hemp industry.

Even if you’re an eager entrepreneur searching for an opportunity to get into the cannabis industry, Green Rush Consulting can help. Not only do they offer a directory of investment opportunities, but they also offer a range of cannabis business plan templates to help new business owners.

7. Greenleaf HR

HR is one of the most important operations that businesses in all sectors need expert help with. Issues such as hiring the right talent to fill roles, handling payroll and taxes, and dealing with customer training are all important, especially in the budding cannabis industry. As such, it’s worth using Greenleaf HR for your human resources needs.

Greenleaf HR is a human resource consulting company tailored to cannabis businesses. They can help your business tackle all of the regular HR problems you’re likely to run into as well as the unique challenges of operating in the cannabis industry. They offer a wide range of services to help you with all HR practices.

With a team of human resources experts, Greenleaf HR helps companies keep up with managing their people. They can also help you remain compliant with state and federal laws wherever you are in the United States. They even offer a free demo on their website so you can see how they can help you.

8. PK Cannabis

Another one of the important aspects you’ll need to deal with in a cannabis business is accounting.

PK Cannabis is an accounting firm tailored to handle the complex problems cannabis businesses face when it comes to accounting, finances, and taxes. 

With important tax regulations and reporting requirements facing cannabis businesses, PK Accounting can handle these issues for your business to save you from a lot of stress and hassle. They help all kinds of cannabis businesses- whether you’re a cannabis grower, retailer, producer or ancillary business, they’ll help you handle your accounting needs.

Their experience and knowledge can help ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible. They help with maximizing deductible expenses, optimizing your business tax structure, reporting financial information, auditing, and growing across state lines, making all of these processes as stress-free as possible for you.

9. Gehl Search Partners

Gehl Search Partners is an executive recruitment firm focusing specifically on highly-regulated industries such as adult beverages and, of course, the cannabis industry. When you’re operating a cannabis business, it can be hard to find the right talent to fill certain roles. However, Gehl Search Partners can handle the process for you smoothly and efficiently.

Executive recruiting is a much-needed service for many businesses. If you want to optimize your business success, you need the right people. However, finding the right people, making sure they’re the right fit, and hiring them can be time-consuming and expensive. Gehl Search Partners are experienced in finding the best possible talent to help your business grow and thrive.

Their services are highly fine-tuned to make sure you’re satisfied with the results. They constantly build connections to ensure that they can give you the best people possible for your business. They also focus on providing long-term solutions so your business continues to run successfully. If you need help with hiring in the cannabis industry, this is a consulting service well worth using.

10. Medicine Man Technologies

Medicine Man Technologies is a cannabis consulting firm that can help you every step of the way to becoming a thriving cannabis business. They offer a wide range of services targeted at everything from cultivation technology to dispensary operations. No matter what kind of business you’re running, they have services to help you.

You can get help from Medicine Man Technologies before you even start your business. They help businesses apply and win a license for operating in the cannabis industry. With the industry getting more and more competitive, it helps to have an experienced consulting company help you gain your license and start operating.

They can also help you ensure your business gets off to a flying start. With expert guidance on how to run a dispensary along with all the help cultivators need to plan and operate their facilities, they can help with every aspect of operating smoothly in the cannabis industry.

11. Embroker

Insurance is important for any business, and Embroker is a firm with a wealth of experience in helping businesses handle their cannabis insurance needs. It’s especially important for businesses in the cannabis industry who face unique challenges such as complex laws and regulations on top of dealing with products.

Embroker has tailor-made services aimed at helping cannabis businesses reduce risks and keep their business safe. They can advise your business on the kind of coverage you need and set you up with a package to cover all of your needs.

In an industry where you’re privy to high profits but prone to many risks, insurance is something you need to consider. Dealing with an insurance company versed in dealing with the cannabis industry is always a good idea.


When you’re running a business in an industry with all kinds of obstacles and challenges, you can only handle so much yourself.

Seeking the help of cannabis advisors and consultants can help you maximize your success, reduce risks, and make sure you don’t run into any legal pitfalls as your business continues to grow.

These are some of the top cannabis advisors and consultants that can help you with all kinds of aspects of running a cannabis business. However, there are various other services that can help your company thrive. For instance, if you need help with the challenging task of cannabis marketing and promoting your cannabis business online, Marijuana SEO can help you succeed.

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