10 LinkedIn Cannabis Groups for Networking

linkedin cannabis groups

Whether you’re a cannabis entrepreneur or a professional in the marijuana industry, there are ways for you to network just like with any other industry. In addition to opportunities like cannabis expos and events, you can also network online via some of the best LinkedIn cannabis groups.

There are groups for everything on LinkedIn, so whether you’re looking to connect with other dispensary owners, market your cannabis business or even join a group for cannabis lawyers and accountants, there are some great groups for you on LinkedIn.

Here are 10 LinkedIn cannabis groups for networking.

Cannabis Investors & Entrepreneurs

Cannabis Investors & Entrepreneurs is an enormous networking group for all kinds of cannabis professionals and those interested in the industry. If you want to talk to other people in the industry or even invest in cannabis stocks, this is one of the best groups to join, boasting a membership base of 20,010 professionals.

You’ll find all kinds of entrepreneurs in charge of all kinds of unique cannabis companies here. You can also network with other cannabis professionals offering advice and services to cannabis companies. It also covers investing, so if you’re interested in who’s leading the market and which companies you should be following, this group can help you.

The Cannabis Group

The Cannabis Group is another huge LinkedIn cannabis group where you can network with all kinds of professionals in the industry. It’s a good platform to discuss the cannabis sector, read insightful content and resources for cannabis entrepreneurs, and connect with potential business partners, employees, and ancillary service operators for cannabis businesses.

It’s a fast-growing network with 6,965 professionals currently connecting and trading ideas, and it’s open to anyone in the industry. If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur or professional on LinkedIn, this is one of the best groups to look into.

Cannabis Medical and Recreational Insider

Cannabis Medical and Recreational Insider offers a place for anyone who’s a part of the legal cannabis industry and anyone looking to be a part of it. Those looking for jobs in the industry will find plenty of opportunities here, and marijuana entrepreneurs will find plenty of like-minded individuals to connect with and build their professional network.

The group is currently 6,548 professionals strong, and the discussions and content inside cover both the recreational and medical cannabis industry. As such, this is a very welcoming group for any kind of professional interested in marijuana.

CBD & Cannabis Professional Business Network

While the cannabis industry is growing fast, the CBD industry is growing along with it. Both hemp and cannabis-based CBD products are in high demand, and many entrepreneurs are currently looking to fill the gap. The CBD & Cannabis Professional Business Network is a group where anyone in either the CBD or cannabis industry can connect to share ideas, opportunities, and make connections.

The group currently boasts 6,001 professionals and it’s likely to grow fast. It also has a clear objective to help anyone in the industry overcome the common challenges they face. As well as insightful resources and guides, you can also feel free to ask questions and receive advice from experienced professionals covering cannabis and CBD.

American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

Whether you’re a medical cannabis grower, dispensary operator or even a doctor or nurse interested in medical cannabis, the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis is the group for you. Known as AAMC for short, the group brings together all kinds of medical cannabis experts to discuss the industry and connect with others.

The group focuses on patient advocacy, patient rights, and support. It also features discussions and contents on clinical research and educating decision-makers. With 5,700 professionals currently taking part, it’s a prime place for medical cannabis professionals to network.

Cannabis Industry Journal

Cannabis Industry Journal is a B2B digital trade journal which offers all kinds of interesting news, guides, and resources for cannabis industry professionals. They offer a free e-newsletter and also operate the Cannabis Quality Conference and Expo, an event for cannabis professionals which runs from October 1 – 3, 2019.

This LinkedIn group is an extension of their operations, allowing professionals all over the industry to connect, help each other out, and share content and ideas. The group is growing, with 4,644 professionals currently taking part. You can’t promote products or services, but it’s a great place for building your professional network and gaining valuable insights into the industry.

Marijuana Investment Professionals

Marijuana Investment Professionals isn’t just about investing- it’s a hotspot for anyone interested in the rapidly growing marijuana industry or anyone interested in becoming a part of it. Users are encouraged to share news and content, ask questions, take part in discussions, and share their opinions with other professionals.

There are currently 4,550 professionals in the group and the door is open to anyone else in the hemp and cannabis industries. With a friendly and open atmosphere, this is a good place for anyone from budding cannabis entrepreneurs to curious professionals looking to learn more. If you’re on LinkedIn, then it’s well worth becoming part of the group and checking it out.

Medical Marijuana Professionals

Medical Marijuana Professionals is another LinkedIn group dedicated to anyone in the medical marijuana sector. Although recreational marijuana is becoming legal in more and more places, there’s still a huge demand for medical marijuana, especially in many US states. This group is open for interested professionals to ask questions, learn more, and share their ideas on the industry.

If you’re a budding medical cannabis grower, dispensary operator or even want to become a cannabis doctor, this is one of the best groups for you. It’s open to all kinds of professionals in the medical marijuana industry as well as those in the fast-growing CBD industry. With 4,154 professionals, you’ll find plenty of peers to connect with.

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Cannabis Nurses Network

This group’s full name is the Cannabis Nurses Network/The Marijuana Forum/Alternative Herbals, and 3,240 professionals are currently a part of it. It’s operated by the Cannabis Nurses Network, a global network of health professionals dedicated to advocating for medical cannabis, CBD, and the many benefits these products can offer to patients.

Users will have to adhere to a few rules- the group is against political discussion and users can not sell or promote their products. However, it’s open to anyone interested in medical cannabis and discussing its advantages, drawbacks, and anything related to alternative cannabis medicines. If you want to share opinions, post studies on the benefits of cannabis, and connect with professionals in the medical cannabis and CBD industries, then this is a group well worth joining.

Industrial Hemp and CBD

Closely related to the marijuana industry, the industrial hemp industry is also growing extremely fast. With cannabis still illegal in many parts of the states, CBD products made from industrial hemp have become a highly popular alternative to medical cannabis for many users. As you’d imagine, the opportunities in this industry are huge, especially with the legal availability of hemp products, and the Industrial Hemp and CBD group on LinkedIn offers a space for professionals in this sector to connect and share ideas. 

There are currently 2,883 professionals in the group discussing all kinds of topics in the industry including the best growing methods for high yields, legislative issues, and selling CBD. If you’re looking to get your foot into the CBD industry, this group is an ideal place for networking.

The Cannabis LAB (Law, Accounting & Business)

The cannabis industry isn’t just made up of growers, manufacturers, and sellers. Just like with any sector, these businesses need services such as accounting and legal advice- especially in an industry full of tricky laws and high taxes. The Cannabis LAB (Law, Accounting & Business) is a LinkedIn group operated by Legal Learning Series for those covering law, accounting, and business in the cannabis industry.

The group currently has 2,785 professionals and it’s a useful group for anyone in the industry. Accountants and lawyers experienced in the ins and outs of the marijuana sector can offer their services, while cannabis business operators can find the services they need. The group also hosts events and conferences, so join to keep up to date with all the latest information.

Cannabis Funding and Investment

Cannabis Funding and Investment is a spectacular group for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Many professionals are trying to break into the industry, but funding is always necessary. Here, you can find enthusiastic investors looking to fund innovative marijuana businesses or even find business partners.

Would-be cannabis investors should also join. You’ll stumble upon all kinds of interesting opportunities and also get a great chance to network with those in the industry. The group currently has 2,394 professionals with much more likely to come.

Wrapping Up

Every business should use social media to improve their success, and LinkedIn has become an incredible platform for professionals to connect with peers both locally and globally. You can build a strong digital network of cannabis professionals as well as find amazing opportunities and gain valuable free advice and content by taking part in these cannabis networking groups.

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