Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs

top marijuana logos

Ever since weed has been legalized, companies are starting to sprout up all over the place in the industry. This means that there have been a plethora of marijuana logos being designed.

Your marijuana logo is the face of your business so it’s important to make your logo set the tone of your brand. Whether it’s for a dispensary, a CBD store, a marijuana accessories business or just a doctor, your logo is an important part of your brand.

If you are looking for good ideas for marijuana logo’s, then you have come to the right place. I am going to show you 11 of the sickest marijuana logo designs out there today.

Elevate Cannabis Co

Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 1

The Elevate Cannabis company is all about ultra-fine quality cannabis. And they wanted their logo to have the same feel and cleanness of their product. They are a cannabis retailer located in Seattle, Washington that specializes in sativa, indica and hybrid flower.

Their logo includes a custom font that flows really well with the background mountains. Its a great size and shape for web, print and mobile and is one of the coolest marijuana logos we found.


Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 2

Who doesn’t love cheese? Mix that with some THC and you have THCheese. This company specializes in fancy cheeses and delectable THC-infused edibles.

Their logo fits their brand perfectly as it’s a farm-esk product that is natural and contains marijuana and cows milk. The circle logo is perfect for food packaging and shows what the brand is all about and even when it was established.

THCheese has crafted one of the coolest marijuana logos in the industry.


Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 3

CannaFundr is a large community of cannabis entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders. Its kind of like Angellist for Marijuana companies as you can view companies that need funding and help fund them.

With a super simple logo, Cannafundr uses their 3 primary colors to create a great looking logo. Going all caps make the logo really pop and provides a more corporate/professional feel.

The feature of the small marijuana leaf confirms that the company has to do with weed and it makes the logo pop.

Likeable Herbal

Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 4

So Likeable Herbal is not actually a real brand but a logo created by Gregory Grigoriou. Its quite a popular logo online and someone has purchased the logo but has yet to use it.

This logo features a marijuana leaf that is giving a thumbs up and then it features the company text below in a custom font. The logo works really well and is a good shade of green for the industry. Hopefully, someday someone can start a company and use this logo for it because it really is a sweet marijuana logo.

Lucky Leaf Co

Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 5

Lucky Leaf is a cannabis retailer located in Washington. They have a number of menu items from flowers to vapes, you can find pretty much anything you need if you are a dispensary looking to sell this product.

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The Lucky Leaf logo is one of the coolest logos in the industry. It features a not-so-common shade of green and a really cool crown, all bordering the white text. If you are lucky enough to have some lucky leaf, then you will be able to see this cool logo.

Marijuana Bank

Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 6

This eye-catching logo instantly stands out, using a contrast between green and orange and a professional font. Even without the text, it looks like a strong branding logo that could be plastered all over merchandise. isn’t a current business but rather a domain that’s for sale right now. With a high-quality logo and a strong brand name, this could become a quality piece of marijuana marketing material!

Green Leaf Lab

Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 7

Green Leaf Lab is a marijuana testing lab in Oregon, providing testing services for marijuana producers to ensure the high-quality of their product. They also boast a high-quality logo, using all the colors you’re likely to find in your bud.

It’s clean, green, and highly professional. When it comes to representing your business, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 8

It may seem basic, but come on, are there any weed lovers out there who don’t recognize this logo? Weedmaps is renowned for connecting customers with the highest-rated head shops and dispensaries in their area. It’s also one of the best places to advertise your dispensary online.

The simple but effective logo tells you they aim to put a smile on your face. Even if it’s by getting you high.


Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 9

Medamints is a growing chain of stores selling THC edibles in mint form. They currently have retail locations open in Colorado and Nevada.

Green logos with marijuana leaves might seem a little cliche at this point, but Medamints make it work for them. The catchy brand name makes you want to know more, and the cannabis leaf tells you just what to expect.

Sweet Leaf

Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 10

Sweet Leaf is a brand with recreational and medical dispensaries in Colorado and Oregon. They currently have retail locations in Aurora, Federal Heights, and Portland.

Sweet Leaf also has a sweet logo that would look awesome on a t-shirt or hat, so it’s no surprise they have a merchandise shop for branded materials. When it comes to making a brand logo, you want one that stands out and looks great, so this is marijuana marketing done right.

Shatter Labels

Marijuana Logos: 11 Top Marijuana Logo Designs 11

Shatter Labels are packaging and branding experts dealing specifically in the niche of marijuana businesses. They create custom packaging for all kinds of products like plastic vape tanks, pre-rolled joints, wax, and, of course, shatter. They also offer state-compliant labeling for products and custom logo design for marijuana businesses.

When you’re dealing in branding and design, having a well-designed logo is crucial. Shatter Labels get it right with this colorful and detailed brand logo showing what they can do.

Wrapping it Up

Hopefully, these logos will give you some inspiration if you’re looking to improve your cannabusiness branding. Top businesses always go with a creative logo that represents their greatest qualities. Remember to make yours unique and distinguishable to advertise your cannabis business to customers. A cool logo that looks good on merchandise is always a plus.

Many businesses hire professional graphics designers to get the best brand logo. You can also buy readymade logos if they suit your company. Whichever way, make sure you have the best logo possible, it’s a big part of marketing your marijuana business successfully.




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