8 Great Sources of Backlinks for Dispensaries

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If you think of the web as an actual web, its a lot easier to see why having more backlinks to your website can be beneficial. The point in the center is the most ‘linked to’ part of the web, so this is probably the most important part of the web (or website). Google’s (and most search engines) algorithm uses this same concept. If your website is linked to a lot, it’s probably an authority website with good information and content.

Having more backlinks to your dispensary will increase your authority, and rank you higher in Google and other search engines… But generating a ton of useless or spam backlinks can actually hurt you more than helping you.

So in the article, I am going to give you 8 amazing sources to submit your dispensary’s website and get quality backlinks, increasing your position in Google and growing your business.

Marijuana Directories

Adding your dispensary to as many marijuana directories will increase your chances of ranking better in the search engines as well as getting great referral traffic from these business directories (or click here). Make sure you keep all of your address, business, and name consistent throughout all your citations for better local SEO.

Write Marijuana Guest Posts

Guest posting on other related websites is one of the best ways to get high-quality natural backlinks to your website or dispensary. But how do you go about posting articles on other people’s blogs?

Well, it’s actually quite simple…

Simply try a search for:

  • ‘keyword + write for us’
  • ‘keyword + contribute’
  • ‘keyword + guest post’

So we can try ‘marijuana write for us’ and you can see there are a number of results where you can submit content with your backlink in it.

marijuana write for us seo

Just make sure that the content you are submitting is original and that you follow the guidelines from the website.

Comment on Marijuana Forums

There are hundreds of popular marijuana-related forums that are a great way to gain both good backlinks and a good amount of referral traffic. Forums like GrassCity, THCTalk, and Cannabis Boards are all great places to grow your network of fans and followers while also generating some quality links.

Be sure to not spam any forums by just posting your links everywhere! You must be somewhat sneaky and smart about posting links on forums or they will simply remove them.

The best (and safest) way to build forum backlinks is to add your link in your signature and post great content/answers and you will see that you get a good amount of referral traffic.

Create a Marijuana Job

One of the lesser-known ways to get high-quality backlinks is to create a job for your marijuana business/dispensary and submit the job to job boards, directories, and feeds.

There are even specific marijuana-related job boards where you can add your job (and backlink) for free. 420 Careers and Weed Hire are two great examples of job boards you can post your marijuana job.

Simply add your backlink in the description of your job or in the company info if applicable.

Submit a Press Release About Your Dispensary

Press Releases are a great way to get your dispensary or marijuana business a quick blast of powerful backlinks.

When you write and submit a press release (to the right sources), it will get picked up by hundreds or thousands of networks who will share your press release on their news websites. You can actually get a press released on big news sites like Huffington Post, Washington Post, and other large news sites.

It all depends on which service you use to submit your press release and which package you choose. If you are launching your dispensary in a legal state, it’s probably smarter to just focus the press release on that locality like your county or state. This way, all the local news stations in your area will pick up your press release.

marijuana seo ad

Make sure to add some natural backlinks in your press release back to your marijuana business websites so that when it gets picked up you will get backlinks from a ton of great local news sources and maybe even some larger national sources.

Internet Yellow Pages Directories

Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) directories are perfect for getting large amounts of backlinks to your Marijuana Business website. IYP sites are websites like yellowpages.com,yellowbook.com, foursqaure.com, etc. They allow you, as a business owner, to add your business, address, phone number and often times website.

iyp dispensary

Simply find as many IYP websites as you can and submit your business information making sure that you are consistent across every IYP site. Your citation should be exactly the same on each website. That means your phone, address and business name is formatting exactly the same everywhere.

This will tell Google that you are a local business to that location and they will show your website when people search including local geographical terms. For example, if you are a dispensary in Colorado Springs, having more IYP citations will help you show up higher in Google when people search for ‘Colorado Springs Dispensaries’.

Build a Web 2.0 Website

When you think of Web 2.0, you probably think of some crazy kind of internet… but web 2.0 websites are sites like WordPress.com, Joomla.com, Medium.com or Google Blogspot. These services/websites allow you to create a free website on their subdomain. This will give you a very highly powerful backlink from trusted and high DA domains like WordPress.com.

Simply create a blog/website on as many web 2.0 websites as you can while writing great content on said blogs and linking back to your dispensary website.  This will give you high quality and trusted backlinks to your marijuana business.

Create Amazing Marijuana Content

Content is King! This is still true to this day. Creating high-quality content is the best way to get the most amount of traffic from Google and other search engines. Good content attracts engagement, users and good backlinks… All of which, can help you rank higher in Google and get more customers to your dispensary website.

You should always be blogging and creating content around your dispensary or website. Whether this is infographics, articles, tips, tricks, or how-to guides… there is plenty of content to write about when it comes to marijuana.

Wrapping it Up

In conclusion, if you apply all of the techniques to your marijuana-related business or dispensary you will see a large influx of traffic and customers to your website. Building high quality content and backlinks is the best way to get more customers and rank higher in Google.

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them below.



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