List of Marijuana Trade Associations

Building an industry based on cannabis requires patience and a nationwide effort. The pieces of the industry need to work together to develop safe and responsible procedures for the cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution of any cannabis product.

It takes a lot of effort, marketing, capital and a number of other factors. One of the greatest ways to marketing your cannabusiness is to join trade associations. They allow you to network with other businesses and build trust with your customers.

Here is a list of all of the marijuana trade associations in 2021:


United States


NORML is a national organization dedicated to changing the image of marijuana. They want to help legalize marijuana for adults everywhere and make sure they have access to marijuana in a safe and affordable way.

Founded in 1970, NORML provides a voice for the interests of marijuana users. They are a non-profit advocacy group working to stop the criminalization of marijuana smokers. They are working on the state and federal level to support the interests of people who want to smoke marijuana responsibly.

norml map trade association

NORML’s last reported tax return in 2015 lists them as receiving $342,541 in grants and ending their fiscal year with a balance of $203,875. They paid a total of $6,798 in taxes that year.

NORML’s Board of Directors currently has 16 members with Randy Quast heading the board with Kyndra Miller, Esq. being 1st vice-chair, Courtney N. Moran is 2nd Vice-Chair, Dan Viets, J.D. is the company secretary with Evan Nison working as the Treasurer.

Minority Cannabis Business Association

The Minority Cannabis Business Association is a dedicated not-for-profit organization created to increase diversity in the growing cannabis industry. They want equal access for people of color to the marijuana industry.

They also want industry growth through outreach, education and consumer access to decriminalized products. The work with the local representatives in multiple states to implement cannabis policies that is responsible.

They currently have fourteen board members pushing for change and advocating for the rights of cannabis industries across the nation. There are currently four different levels of access by becoming a member of their organization including Advocate, Champion, Influencer and Game Changer. Each level increases the number of benefits and influence within the association.

The National Cannabis Industry Association

The National Cannabis Industry Association represents over 2,000 different business and members of the growing cannabis industry. They seek to reform and defend people and cannabis organizations through changes in state policies and federal reforms.

Founded in 2010, the NCIA wants to prioritize and decriminalize marijuana for patients with debilitating illnesses. They want the legitimate marijuana industry to grow and provide for economic, social and legal reforms across the country.

AC Braddock is the is the head chair, with Khurshid Khoja as Vice-Chair, Henry Wykowski is their company secretary with Kristopher Krane as their treasurer. The NCIA had total revenue in 2016 of $1,770,784, with $763,843 going to program services. They paid a total of $7,368 in taxes in 2015.

The Cannabis Alliance

The Cannabis Alliance is a non-profit organization made up of people from all levels of life. They are dedicated to the development of a sustainable industry for Cannabis that is ethical as well as educational.

cannabis alliance group

They have over 2000 cannabis businesses as members with Caitlein Ryan, Ph.D. as President of the Board, AC Braddock as Vice-President of the Board President of the Board, Morgan is Secretary of the Board and Todd Arkley as their Treasurer.

National Association of Cannabis Businesses

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses is working to standardize and build the best business practices for the cannabis industry to operate under. They are looking to set standards for compliance and ethical use of marijuana products across the country.

Gina Krankwinkel is Chief Executive Officer, Adrienne Uthe is Vice President of Marketing, with Tom Nolasco as director of Legal and Strategic Initiatives.

Cannabis Trades Association

The Cannabis Trades Association is the association that crosses the Atlantic to be a representative of the Cannabis industry in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. They have 700 registered businesses attached to their organization.

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The board of directors has a total of 7 members with Mike Harlington as the chair head, Chris Lamber-Dowell operating as the Financial Director, Guy Coxall as the Compliance Director, Sian Phillips is the PR and Events Director and Tom Whettem is the Marketing Director.

Cannabis Cultural Association

The Cannabis Cultural Association was started in 2016 and officially incorporated in 2017. They are based out of New York City. They are a non-profit entity with the goal of bringing justice to the marginalized, underrepresented communities in the marijuana industry. They seek to reform the image of marijuana and legalize marijuana for adult use.

The Co-Founder and Executive Directors are Nelson Guerrero with Co-Founder and Deputy Director Jake Plowden. The Board President is Amanda Reyes, Board Vice-President Joseph A. Bondy, Board Treasurer is Zachary Tyson, and Board Secretary Sarah Stenuf.

Association of Cannabis Specialists

The Association of Cannabis Specialists is working to educate and provide care through their network of advocates and the publication of journal articles. They are working to change the laws for access to marijuana for medical communities around the country.

The president of the Association of Cannabis Specialists is Jordan Tishler, M.D., The secretary is Will Eckhardt, and the Treasurer is Paul Czech.

Women Grow

Women Grow is pushing the cannabis industry to be more inclusive through diversity, social responsibility, and cultural support. They partner with over 500,000 people across the U.S., Canada, and International markets. This female-focused community is a non-profit organization with the aim of making the industry equal for all.

Getting Started in the Cannabis Industry from Women Grow on Vimeo.

Chandas Macias is the Chief Executive Officer with Gia Moron as President, Arielle Paredes is Communication Assistant, Lauren Rudick as Legal Counsel, and Parisa Rad as Director of Marketing.

Americans for Safe Access

Americans for Safe Access is dedicated to bringing cannabis into communities for research and therapeutic purposes. Founded in 2002 as an advocacy group for medical cannabis access for patients, there are currently 100,000 active members across the United States.

They are working with state, federal and international legislation to change the laws regarding marijuana and its use in research and for medical purposes. They are also working on overcoming social barriers and empowering the people that need access to marijuana for medical reasons.

The Board President is Steph Sherer with board members; Ben Bronfman, Don Duncan, Nic Easley, Jayan Fazal-Karim, Pavel Kubů, Dr. Olga Obie, Dr. Carla Rossotti Vázquez, and Nick Ventura.

American Herbal Products Association

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) was founded in 1982. It has more than 250 companies working with them to help manufacture herbal products for distribution around the world. They promote the production of herbal products in a safe way for consumers everywhere.

The President of AMHP is Michel McGuffin, with Stan Cowan as the Director of Administration, Amber Bennett as Director of Membership, Natasha Weaver as Director of Education and Holly Johnson as Chief Science Officer.

Commonwealth Dispensary Association

The Commonwealth Dispensary Association (CDA) is available to help the community of Massachusetts dispensaries thrives while advocating for cannabis control of marijuana to be in all state hands, not just Federal. They have 32 dispensaries in Massachusetts behind them with the goal of developing policies for the cannabis industry as it grows.

The CDA currently has 25 active members with David Torrisi as its Executive Director, Keith Cooper as President, Bob Mayerson as Treasuer and Jillian Perrillo as their Clerk.

Hemp Industries Association

Hemp Industries Association

Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is a non-profit association that has been supporting members of the hemp industry since 1994. They have over 1,500 farms and business members in the industry and they are working on a global scale to the equal and fair treatment of anyone working in the hemp industry.

HIA looks to educate the public about the benefits of hemp products. They are working with multiple members of the industry to defend hemp products while supporting environmentally sound growing practices.

Their Board of Directors has Joy Beckerman as its President, Rick Trojan for Vice-President, Tyler Frank as its Secretary and Mike Lewis as Treasurer. They have 10 additional staff members actively working to support the efforts of HIA.

Cannabis Distribution Association

Cannabis Distribution Association promotes cannabis distributors in California. They are working to regulate the cannabis market to ensure the quality of the products while supplying customer safety and economic sustainability for the small business owners in the cannabis industry.

The Board of Directors is made up of Lauren Fraser as Board President, Felipe Recalde, Chris Coulombe, David Hua, Boris ShScharanksy, Wesley Hein, Ariana Tibbets, Brian Dewey,
And Scott Vasterling.

Association of Cannabis Professionals

The Association of Cannabis Professionals works with their members to provide the tools to work within the cannabis industry. They host a number of workshops about the industry and work with legislation and lobby for the legal cannabis community. The Association of Cannabis Professionals works to promote and protect the interests of their clients.

The Board for the Association of Cannabis Professionals has Chris Siegel as its President, Cynara Velazquez as Vice President, James Schmachtenbereger as its Chairman. There are five other board members supporting the efforts of the Association of Cannabis Professionals.

Cannabis Trade Federation

The Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF) is there for every step of the way when it comes to cannabis dispensaries, distributors, wholesalers, and businesses. They are working to develop a balanced community that works together to create policies that work for and with the cannabis industry. They are aiming for global cooperation to develop these policies for responsible cannabis growth and distribution.

Members of the board for CTF include John Lord as Chair, Ed Conklin as Vice-Chair, Shannon Fender Secretary, and Kyle Sherman Treasurer with Bill Silver, Ph.D. as CEO.

American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association

The American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association supports them in the medical communities who support the use of marijuana for treatment of patients and recommend it as an alternative therapy for various medical conditions.

They serve as advocates for all the physicians that work in the field and the people that need these physicians. They promote education and follow up on their work with science. This is conducted through seminars and speaking engagements.

The Leadership team has Dr. Mark Chaet as President, Savara Hastings as Executive Director and Dr. Orlando Florete as Co-Founder; with nine other board members supporting the American Medical Marijuana Physician’s Association.

American Association for Cannabis and Hemp

American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH) wants to protect the businesses legally doing business in the marijuana industry on all working levels including industrial, recreational, hemp, and medical purposes. They want to help these businesses expand beyond their beginnings and give them plenty of support as they grow.

Their Board of Directors includes Adolphus A. Bush as its Chair, Genifer Murray as an industry influencer, with 4 other supporting members attached to ATACH. They are working to expand, protect and preserve the businesses engaged in legal cannabis and hemp trade.

Society of Cannabis Clinicians

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) is dedicated to advancing the research into cannabis use through scientific research and education. Founded in 1999, their 20 years of service has seen great changes come to their organization and to cannabis.

The clinicians connected to the SCC are expanding their research through the legalization of marijuana and the growing acceptance of research into its medical uses. Their website has a library of scientific research around cannabis research and various ailments and medical marijuana use involving them.

Their Board of Directors includes Stephen Robinson, MD as its President with Genester Wilson-King, MD as its vice-President, Sherry Yafai, MD as its Co-Vice-President and Benson Hausman, MD as its Treasurer. Seven other board members support the SCC.

America Cannabis Nurses Association

The American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) works together in the 33 states that have legalized medical marijuana to treat patients using marijuana products. They do this through advocacy and education through research and policy changes.

The President of the ACNA is Carey Clark; The President-Elect is Eloise Theisen with Denise Foster as secretary and Llewellyn Smith as treasurer; 5 other team members support them.

International Cannabis Bar Association

The International Cannabis Bar Association (CBA) is there for those in the cannabis community with legal support and jurisdiction to aid those involved in the growing market. Founded in 2015, they are working across the country to provide a network of attorneys and staff members to help the public understand cannabis and keep businesses and people in compliance with new the new laws being written.

Their Board of Directors includes Mary Shapiro, Joanna Hossack, Matthew Abel, Karen Bernstein, Shay Gilmore, and Jason Horst as their Directors with 7 supporting members for the INCBA.


Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers

The Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES or ACDESC) is a proactive organization that wants to help protect and expand the retail cannabis industry. They were working to build a sustainable model for the British Columbia retail industry while expanding across Canada.

Their Board Members include Jeremy Jacob as President, Laurie Weitzel as Vice-President and Andrew Gordon As Director with Heather Taylor as Executive Director. 8 other Board Members support them and the efforts of ACCRES.

Cannabis Council of Canada

The Cannabis Council of Canada believes that all Canadians should have access to quality products through controlled regulation and sustainable economy. Responsible, Regulated and Trusted describe their approach to cannabis growth and distribution. They are working to bring high-quality products to the public through technology and science.

The Board of Directors includes Megan McCrae as Board Chair, John Fowler as Vice-Chair, and Philippe Lucas as Vice-Chair and 8 other members that support them and the Cannabis Council of Canada.

Cannabis Trade Associations By State


Alaska Marijuana Industry Association

The Alaska Marijuana Industry Association (AMIA) promotes and advocates for a strong and independent Marijuana industry. Their work encourages changes in changes in Alaskan State Policy while providing information about regulations and industry standards.

Their Board of Directors includes Brandon Emmett as President, Leif Abel as Vice-President, Lacy Wilcox for the Manufacturing Seat and Jane Tinson Cultivation Seat, Kim Kole as Secretary and Ryan Tunseth as Treasurer; they are supported by 8 other members in their efforts.


Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association

The Arkansas Cannabis Industry Association advocates for all the legal aspects of their growing cannabis industry including changes of policy, regulations, and laws to ensure the patients needing medical marijuana are able to receive it. They are also helping monitor their system as it grows to maintain accountability and professionalism in the industry. They help educate and protect the patients and the public about medical cannabis while advocating for their rights.

They provide seminars to educate people who want to join the cannabis industry while working to bring positive change to Arkansas as a whole. They have already helped open five dispensaries and are pushing for more to help meet the needs of the 19,227 patients enrolled in their medical cannabis program.


Arizona Cannabis Bar Association

The Arizona Cannabis Bar Association is there to help educate the public about Arizona Proposition 203 and serve the needs of the publicity surrounding it. They are there to help the people figure out the law surrounding family, work, contracts, and insurance

Their Board of Directors includes Gary Michel Smith, Sonia Martinez, Jerry Chesler, and Tom Dean; 68 other Arizona Board Members support them in their efforts.

Arizona Marijuana Industry Trade Association

Arizona’s Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA) is dedicated to helping the marijuana business industries succeed in the developing world of the marijuana industry. They work with policymakers to establish fair and tightly regulated policies that will help the community succeed and grow.

The founding member is Demitri Downing with Danielle Sedgwick as his Director of Partnerships.


Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance

Coachella Valley Cannabis Alliance Network (CVCAN) that works to be the voice for the cannabis industry to promote responsible growth and operation of the Coachella Valley Cannabis businesses. Their work provides the community with cannabis information and opportunities to connect within the cannabis community.

Their Board of Directors includes Brent Burman as the Board President with Jocelyn Kane as Vice-President and Treasurer. Five other board members support CVCAN.

Santa Ana Cannabis Association

The Santa Ana Cannabis Association works with local business to advance the cannabis industry through work among the community. They provide a network through neighborhoods and cities so that trust and strong relationships can be built. They work to educate the community about safety and provide a legal voice.

Their Executive Board is made up of Morgan Guadis as Co-founder and CEO, John Senating as Co-Founder and CTO, Sandi Hormez as Developer and Animor Tiruse as Designer.

California Growers Association

The California Grower Association (CalGrowers) is an organization that works to support the cannabis industry from the farmers on up to the consumer. They work with statewide networks to help organize the growers and the businesses for the mutual benefit of the community as a whole.

The Board of Directors is run by Tawnie Logan as the Board Chair, Caz Tomazweski as Executive Vice-Chair, and Nathan Whittington as Secretary and Sequoyah Hudson as Treasurer.

Southern California Trade Coalition

The Southern California Coalition is focused on improving the state and federal legislation for a fair and productive industry that works together improve the growing cannabis industry in California. They want to make sure the cannabis policies being implemented in the state are done so with the leaders of the industry’s help and understanding.

United Cannabis Business Association

The United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA) is working to implement policy changes and improve licensing regulations for the cultivators, distributors, and manufacturers of cannabis-related products. They are doing this through a connected network of advocators and educators working together to build strong industry relationships.

Their Team includes Ruben Honig as Executive Director, Helene Chemel as Director of Memberships and Engagement, Marvin Pineda as Sacramento Lobbyist and Lisa Selan as Co-General Counsel, Yelena Katchko Co-General Counsel, Steve Lubell as Co-General Counsel, Jessica Cure As Director of Marketing and Atoberhan Paulos as their Accountant.

Monterey County Cannabis Association

Monterey County Cannabis Industry Association (MCCIA) is responsible for working to improve the hemp and cannabis industries located in Monterey County. They have a dedicated group of people working to advocate for the rights of the cannabis industry in Monterey County.

The Board of Directors includes David Potter as president, Jennifer Rosenthal as Vice-President, Pete Noto as Secretary and Christ Steinbruner as Treasurer; they are supported by 10 additional members of their Board in keeping the MCCIA moving forward.


Marijuana Industry Group

The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) supports the 400 licensed marijuana businesses in the State of Colorado. Founded in 2010, the MIG works with the state government to help grow and regulate the state marijuana industry as it evolves with the changing needs of the public.

Their Board of Directors includes Fabby R. Hillyard as Managing Director, Denis Berkefeldt as the President, with Kara Miller, Landon Gates and Brock Herzberg supporting them.


Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

The Natalie M. La Prade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is there to help medical cannabis patients qualify for their medical marijuana card through safety procedures. They work to ensure all testing, inspect and registration information is done correctly through the proper channels and on time.

Their Executive Staff Includes Joy A. Strand as Executive Director, Lori Dodson as Deputy Director and Director of Laboratory Compliance, Will Tillburg Director of Policy and Government Affairs, Scott Simmons as Director of Enforcement and Compliance, and Fakiza Rahman as Director of Program Analytics and Quality Assurance.

Maryland Wholesale Cannabis Trade Association

The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Association (CANMD) is there for the people and the companies that grow and process cannabis products. Their aim is to make sure the patients and people that provide the marijuana for them get the medicine that is needed. They work to ensure the process of registration and certification of the patients and the entity runs smoothly.

They currently have 16 of the 23 pre-approved licenses companies, 10 of the 15 growers and 13 of the 15 processors working with them to ensure registrations and approval for their marijuana trade association.

The Board of Directors includes Mackie Barch as Chair, Andy Cohen as Vice-Chair, Reggie Alston as Treasurer and Wendy Bronfein as Secretary. In addition to their top chairs, they have 23 other members supporting the CANMD efforts.

Maryland Cannabis Industry Association

The Maryland Cannabis Industry Association (MDCIA) represents the businesses and organizations that make up the Maryland Cannabis Industry, They work to advocate for the rights of the industry while promoting responsible and effective growth that benefits the businesses and the people that support them.

The MDCIA was formed to be a voice of the industry for those working with and needing the cannabis industry. Their Board of Directors is made up of Philip Goldberg as president, Darrell Carrington Executive Director and Michael Klein as the president of the association.

Maryland Medical dispensary Association

The goal of the Maryland Medical Dispensary Association (MDMDA) is to support the medical dispensaries in Maryland by lobbying for the medical cannabis industry at the local and state levels. Their efforts advance the cause of the cannabis industry as a whole through public education and community outreach.

They are currently connected to 24 dispensaries and have 29 vendor connections established. Through their community efforts, connections are made and relationships are built.


Massachuessts Cannabis Business Assocation

The Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association (MassCBA) is an advocate for the rights of a responsible cannabis industry. They work with state leaders to educate and address the welfare of the state’s cannabis businesses.

The MassCBA Board of Directors includes David O’Brien as President and CEO, Colonel Boothe as Co-Founder, Victor Chiang as CEO, Meg Collins as Vice-President of Public Affairs, Sira Grant as the Senior Associate, with Marcus John-Smith, James McMahon, and Karen Munkacy for support.


Missouri Cannabis Industry Association

The Missouri Cannabis Industry Association is ready with education and legal assistance for the ever-growing world of cannabis growth and distribution. They are working with state legislatures and the public to inform and expand the community about the benefits of cannabis.

Their goal is to create a cannabis industry for Missouri that is beneficial to the people while reducing prosecution for cannabis possession and reduce legal abuses. The lobby for the rights of the businesses and people that use cannabis and work to make the products available for those that need them.

The Board Members include Dan Viets as Board Chair, Dave Bennett as president, Chris P. Dalton as Vice-President, Janine Bennett as Treasurer and Amanda Goff as Secretary. 9 other board members support them.

Missouri Cannabis Trade Association

The Missouri Medical Cannabis Association (MoCann Trade) is a collection of people including patients, residents, businesses, and professionals that are working to keep the State of Missouri in compliance with the medical cannabis rules. They work to keep people safe while establishing good business practices and industry procedures for their marijuana trade association.

The Board of Directors has John Curtis as its chair, along with Jack Mitchell, Josh Mitchem, John Pennington, and Dr. Mimi Vo, MD. 10 other board members support MoCann Trade in their efforts to keep the Missouri Cannabis businesses moving forward.


Montana Cannabis Trade Association

The Montana Cannabis Association (MTCIA) is working on several projects to keep the Montana Medical Cannabis program active while pushing to improve legislation. The efforts help Montana have a functional, responsible and safe program for all that needs to be part of it.

They currently have 11 cannabis businesses working with them in addition to the 35 different organizations assisting them with their efforts to bring positive change to Montana’s medical marijuana trade association.


Nevada Dispensary Association

The Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA) is working to build and support the cannabis dispensaries of Nevada. They are doing this through education, training, and advocacy for the rights of the dispensaries serving the people of Nevada.

The NDA Board of Directors includes Tisha Black as President, David Goldwater as Secretary, Ben Sillitoe as Treasurer, Riana Durrett as Executive Director and Brett Scolari and John Ritter as supporting members.

Nevada County Cannabis Alliance

The Nevada County Cannabis Alliance looks to bring change to Nevada through their education and advocacy for the growing cannabis community. They achieve their goals through state policy changes and providing resources and education to the community as a whole.

To become a member of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance it will cost as little as $10 per month so you can receive the newsletter and discounted tickets to events and workshops being helped by the alliance though you can go as high as $500 per months to receive access to everything including meetings with the alliance attorney and consultations with the growers of Nevada and California.

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association

The Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association is a collection of the companies, labs, cultivators, distributors and people that make the medical marijuana industry run in Nevada. Founded in 2014, the group is working to educate the communities through scientific research and proven results. They push for regulation and safety for the marijuana community as it grows and expands.

The Las Vegas medical Marijuana Association Board of Directors includes John Laub as President, Jim Lamb as Vice-President and Tony Romo as Vice-President.

New Jersey

New Jersey Cannabusiness Association

The New Jersey CannaBusinesss Association is working to build a responsible and responsive medical cannabis market. They are focusing on making sure the regulations being passed meet with the needs of the CannaBusiness community.

Their Board of Directors includes Scott Rudder as president, Marianne Bays, Ph.D. as Vice-President, Robert Cressen as Secretary, Felice Twaddle as Treasurer and Tara Sargente as Executive Director. 14 additional board members support their efforts and the New Jersey community as in their work.


National Cannabis Association of Ohio

The National Cannabis Association of Ohio (NCIAO) is working to build up Ohio’s cannabis industry through responsible policies and legislative support for successful growth. The industry works at the local and state levels to advance legislative policies that provide a balanced working environment for all people involved in Ohio’s cannabis industry.

To become a member of the NCIAO there are three different plans that can be selected a basic plan of $2,000 annually, a sponsorship plan of $7,500 annually or a sustaining plan of $15,000 annually. The plans give varying amounts of access though a sustaining plan will give almost complete access to all events and planning meetings.


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is there to make sure the marijuana industry of Oklahoma is run responsibly and that it is operating correctly under the Department of Health’s primary guidelines and regulations.

OMMA provides a wide range of information and supplies for Oklahoma’s cannabis programs and for the patients enrolled in the program. They are constantly working to maintain the compliance of the industry while providing support to those that need it.

Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association

The Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association works with policymakers on the local and state level to ensure the network of providers, distributors, and growers are given a voice in policymaking. They also work to ensure the cannabis products being used and consumed are safely grown and distributed. Their final goal is to decriminalize the use of marijuana.

Their board includes Chase Mattison as President, Justin Hiersche as Vice-President, and Jeff Cropper as Treasurer. 10 additional board members support them in their work with the Oklahoma Cannabis Association.


Oregon Cannabis Retailers

The Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association represents the retail cannabis businesses of the State of Oregon. They work together to implement change while shaping the industry as it grows and changes through legislation at the local, state and federal level.

Their board of directors includes Scott Grenfell owner/manager of Rip City Remedies, David Alport Owner/manager of Bridge City Collective, and Chelsea Hopkins Owner/Manager of The Greener Side.

Oregon Cannabis Association

The Oregon Cannabis Association is allied representatives of the cannabis industry on all levels. They work together to build a network of businesses, cultivators, entrepreneurs, processors, and retailers to help educate the citizens of Oregon state and bring political change to the State.

They advocate for the rights of the industry and for continued growth. They have over 200 business members contributing through donations of $250, $500 or $7,500 per year; for Individual, business or leadership membership status.

Oregon Cannabis Business Council

The Oregon Cannabis Business Council advocates for the rights of the independent cannabis business owners. They are working at the local and state level to provide the rights of these companies through the representation of the people and transparent business practices that show the quality of the business operations.

Donald Morse as Chairman and Niki Terzieff as Government Affairs Director represent the Oregon Cannabis Business Council.

Cascade Cannabis Assocaiton

The Cascade Cannabis Association is there to provide information to the community and be advocates for the community as it grows through education and responsible adult compliance and regulation. They work with public and private members of the community to help develop strategies for compliance and to help reduce the illegal market.

Their Board Members include Gary Bracelin, Judy Campbell, Danielle Caruso, Taylor Do Mond, Ellen Parking, and Lindsey Pate.


Tennesee Medical Cannabis Trade Assocation

The Tennessee Medical Cannabis Association (TMCTA) is fighting for the legalization of medical cannabis for those that can benefit from its medical properties. They are working to produce an environment where products can be grown and dispensed safely.

Their Board of Directors includes Glenn Anders as its Executive Director, Dan Pabon as an advisor, Jeff Livingston as Board President and Francis Perry as their secretary and Treasurer.


Texas Cannabis Industry Assocation

The Texas Cannabis Industry Association® Are advocates, mentors, and educators for the medical marijuana business. They are supporting the movement for a responsible medical cannabis industry. Through their work, they give their support to the people active in the cannabis industry.

The Texas Medical Trade Association is building the industry, one regulation at a time through business support and individual support. They are working to build a sustainable industry where there are resources for those wishing to operate in the legal medical marijuana system built on rules and regulations designed for the people.


Washington Cannabusienss Association

The Washington CannaBusiness Association (WACA) is there to protect the interests of the adults wishing to be responsible cannabis users in Washington State. They are working to build a safe and regulated cannabis marketplace through responsible rules and regulations.

WACA is represented by Vicki Christophersen as the Executive Director and Lobbyist, Brooke Davies Deputy as Deputy Director and Associate Lobbyist, Jill Mullen as president, Jerry Devervyanny as Vice-President, Susan Gress as Secretary, John Branch as Treasurer. 4 board members work with their main team member to keep WACA running.

DC Medica Cannabis Trade Assocation

DC Medical Cannabis Association (DCMCTA) is dedicated to breaking down the barrier for patients to reach medical cannabis products to bring a better quality of life to those in need. Through their efforts, people in need have found the medicines they need to find pain, anxiety and opioid addiction relief.

The DCMCTA connects to 7 different dispensaries and 8 cultivators of medical cannabis. Their current President, Linda Greene, is reaching out to more people and organizations for help in establishing network connections and removing barriers to care.


Virginia Cannabis Industry

The Virginia Cannabis Industry Association (VCIA) are there to support the best interests of those in need of high-quality and regulated medical cannabis industry. They work with pharmaceutical companies and businesses that provide cannabis products to provide education. They also work to promote a sustainable business industry for the cultivation, manufacturing, and retail of quality cannabis products.

Membership to the VCIA is broken into levels. Green level is basic membership with a fee of $25 per month or of $250 annually. They receive a listing in the directory and discounts to VCIA events. The Silver level membership is $100 per month or $1000 annually and he receives the same as green level along with a logo and link on the VCIA online website. They also receive 1 ticket to VCIA events. The Gold membership is $250 per month or $2500 annually and the receive all of the above along with a larger logo and link and 2 tickets to VCIA events. The highest level is Platinum. It is $500 per month or $5000 annually with all of the above along with the largest logo and link with a footer logo and link on the VCIA online website. They also receive 4 tickets to VCIA events.

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