10 Most Beautiful Dispensaries in America

Since Colorado paved the way for full legalization of marijuana back in 2012, dispensaries across the nation have exploded, leading to a whole new type of green tourism.

While many places are merely outfitted with the basics, there are a few that have gone above and beyond being simple brick-and-mortars. They have taken the marijuana dispensary and transformed it into an experience well worth a visit.

Here are the most beautiful marijuana dispensaries you can find across the United States:

Barbary Coast – San Francisco, CA

The speakeasy of dispensaries, one walks into Barbary Coast and is immediately accosted with low lighting, brass bar stools, a dark mahogany bar, thick carpets, and exposed brick.

Barbary Coast - San Francisco, CA

It was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing a relaxed environment populated with knowledgeable staff. They even take this a step further by offering clients one-on-one consulting with their partnered medical cannabis doctors.

barbary coast dispensary marijuana

Guests that come by are treated to a high-class experience with quartz enails specifically chosen to guarantee undistorted flavors.

Barbary Coast dispensary

If you’re interested in checking out Barbary Coast, look no further than San Francisco’s historic red-light district. It is the only bar of its kind in the area, surrounded by city architecture and the hustle and bustle of the nearby Financial District.

Ajoya – Louisville, CO

A short drive from Boulder, Ajoya is nestled in an unassuming neighborhood (often voted one of the best places to live) like so many other dispensaries across the country. However, what it lacks on the outside, it more than makes up for on the inside.

Ajoya dispensary colorado

It is decorated like an Apple store with a shiny wood floor, futuristic white furniture, and lighting that, somehow, makes everything seem even cleaner than it already is.

Along the front are glass display cases stocked with the latest products.

beautiful dispensary united states Ajoya

Boxes of marijuana like the back wall similar to a tea shop and refrigerators keep cold products frosty. Along the top of the bar are menu screens that display more than what can be set out.

Ajoya dispensary colorado

In short, it’s a beautiful store with unmistakable class and sophistication made immediately obvious from the décor.

New England Treatment Access – Brookline, MA

Architecture buffs should plan a trip to New England Treatment Access (NETA). Boston’s very first cannabis dispensary, its beauty comes from the fact that it is located within a restored building originally designed by Franz Joseph Untersee.

New England Treatment Access wide view

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It’s front façade is striking, with a white and black contrasting trim, hinting at the beauty and ornate detail inside. While it’s not designed as a dispensary to spend extended amounts of time in, its architectural beauty is well worth a visit.

New England Treatment Access dispensary

Feel free to download the store’s app to pick out your order ahead of time or show up and have a chat with any of their knowledgeable staff. The best part is that the store is still designed with the old teller desks in mind, staying true to the bank feel.

Emerald Pharms – Hopeland, CA

Situated on 12 acres of land shared with Real Goods and the Solar Living Center, Emerald Pharms is the world’s first fully solar-powered marijuana dispensary. It achieved this feat back in 2015 when it first opened its doors as a medical location and has since expanded to include recreational sale.

Emerald Pharms marijuana dispensary

Inside is a lodge of relaxation and learning. Wood floors, wood counters, and wood accents immerse visitors in a laid back, rustic atmosphere.

Emerald Pharms waiting room

Comfortable seating invites guests to relax while they enjoy the nature and beauty around them. It looks and feels very much like a coffee shop does and even has an event list to boot. Populated with talks, demos, and live music, be sure to plan your visit around one of these events to truly reap the benefits of this place.

Farma – Portland, OR

Farma has won multiple awards for its beauty and its bud.

Farma portland oregon

Like many dispensaries, it began as a medical marijuana store that eventually opened its doors to the public following legalization. However, that doesn’t mean it has left its roots behind. Instead, Farma has doubled down on its medical history, welcoming visitors with a clean, healthy place decorated with live plants. Most famously, they have a medical cross on the back wall filled with fresh cannabis.

10 Most Beautiful Dispensaries in America 1

One of Farm’s coolest features is its marijuana display. Set up in Petri dishes are the current strains complete with small information cards that give the name, the prices, and the chemical makeup.

Farma beautiful cannabis dispensary

For browsers looking to take their time, there are even blue high chairs set up in front of the cannabis display case so you can peruse at your leisure while asking the important questions.

Airfield Supply Company – San Jose, CA

If you enjoy themed brands, Airfield Supply Company is a must-see.

Airfield Supply Company front

As you walk in, you are greeted at a desk that resembles an airport flight desk. You then check-in and take a seat in the designated lounging area. To pass the time, you are invited to look at the mother plants used in their upstairs in-house nursery.

Airfield Supply Company waiting room

Freshly harvested and immediately packaged, Airfield is proud to boast that they offer their customers the freshest cannabis available.

Airfield Supply Company wide

When it’s time, you’re whisked back to a large shopping area complete with a runway painted on the floor while their logo decorates the area as if it were a travel destination. The products are as varied as most stores but carry the distinct difference of being crafted from plant matter that comes directly from Airfield itself rather than a third party.

Urban Farmacy, Portland, OR

Opened on Valentine’s Day 2014, Urban Farmacy came with the distinct feature of being built inside a little red barn. Interestingly enough, this little red barn is actually located within the city. It’s found in the North Tabor area of Portland and is a short walk from NE 60th Ave, making it a rural heart in a city center.

Urban Farmacy front door

The inside is open, surrounding visitors with a clean, farm-inspired interior that lends itself to quality conversation about available cannabis products.

Urban Farmacy dispensary oregon

Like with many places, Urban Farmacy aims to carry as much local product as possible. What really sets them apart is their dedication to making sure every customer can sign up for one-on-one consultation regarding types of weed and the products available.

Silverpeak Apothecary – Aspen, CO

One of the earliest brands on this list, Silverpeak Apothecary traces its roots all the way back to 2009 when medicinal marijuana was first legalized in Colorado.

Silverpeak Apothecary dispensary aspen

As of today, it is fully free from third-party products. With its success, it built a 25,000 square foot greenhouse where it grows all of the weed that is then processed and shipped to their store in Aspen.

beautiful dispensary aspen Silverpeak Apothecary

At this store, you’ll find yourself a very mountainous atmosphere. A lot of light wood is used for the furnishings and even the packaging follows suit. The low hanging ceiling coupled with the cozy lighting makes it feel more like a bookstore than a cannabis dispensary.

Silverpeak Apothecary marijuana dispensary

Products are displayed in well-lit shelving units as well as classy displays built into the desks positioned throughout the store.

Citiva – New York, NY

Citiva is New York’s first medical marijuana dispensary and looks exactly like it belongs in the Big Apple. With the name plastered in big letters along the back wall, it looks more like a modern bank than a dispensary. That being said, it is not a bank for everyone.

Citiva brooklyn dispensary

Make sure you have a New York State Medical Marijuana I.D. before planning on purchasing anything. Unlike the other locations on this list, Citiva is strictly a medical dispensary.

Citiva new york

Inside you are met with pharmacists in brown vests ready to suggest the cannabis that is best for you.

Citiva marijuana dispensary beautiful

Since marijuana isn’t recreationally legal within the city, you’ll only be able to choose from oils or tinctures. That being said, if you simply want to look around, you’re welcome to peruse their gear.

Chimacum Cannabis Company – Chimacum, WA

Located out in the heart of the Jefferson County farming community, the Chimacum Cannabis Company resides in an unmistakable blue house surrounded by flowering plants and is patrolled by a handsome rooster.

Chimacum Cannabis Company menu

It’s the most rural dispensary on the list and the drive out to it alone is well worth the trip. Beyond the local charm, they are also often successful competitors in weed competitions held across western Washington.

Chimacum Cannabis Company dispensary

Inside, the entire shop is outfitted with wood. A few display cases add to the lighting and ambiance. Chalkboards along with the backlist the locally sourced products pulled from all over the state while splashing some bright colors into the comfortably lit store.

Wrapping Up

When you’re aiming to take a tour of marijuana dispensaries, don’t settle for the typical local thoroughfare. Having been legal in many states for many years now, there are numerous locations famous among the community for their selection and beauty.

Find your favorite and get going on those travel plans today!

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