Over 2,000% Organic Traffic Growth for CBD Ecommerce Store

Our Challenge

One of the largest CBD retailers and manufacturs was looking for explosive growth for their growing line of products.

Our Goals

Our goal was to optimize technical SEO factors of the site and build high quality content around CBD and hemp that attracts high quality backlinks.

Our Strategy

Our strategy was to dominate the CBD market by building exceptional content that attracts millions of readers.


This large CBD ecommerce retailer already had an amazing product so we knew that if we could build great content it would expose the great brand to a lot of people.

They chose our most powerful package, the Harvest. When they first reached out to us, they were getting about 4,000 organic visitors a month, which was not too bad already.

After a full on-page SEO optimization, beafing up of their category pages and content pages, we starting seeing crazy growth of their rankings in Google.

After only 2 months with our SEO services, they saw a 3x growth in traffic and keywords from Google.

organic keywords cbd
After 8 months with Marijuana SEO, they have reach almost 63,000 organic visitors every single month, which is easily doing them six figures in sales from organic search, every month.

So how did we do it?

Simply building really high quality content targeted at potential customers. Doing keyword research to find the content ideas and building content that attracts a lot of high quality backlinks.

The popular CBD ecommerce site now has over 308,000 backlinks, 12,100 keywords and almost 63,000 visitors a month, from search engines.

ahrefs overview cbd site

This has allowed the CBD store to scale expotentially and create a long term sales channel for this popular CBD site.

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