32 Incredible Cannabis Industry Statistics 2022

cannabis industry statistics

The cannabis industry is absolutely exploding right now. With the legalization of Hemp, the growth of CBD and new states legalizing, the marijuana sector is at an all-time high.

But where can it go from here? I think these cannabis industry statistics we collected below will answer that question for you.

1. Medical marijuana emerged as the largest marijuana type segment in 2016 and is estimated to be valued at USD 100.03 billion by 2025 – Grand View Research

2. The global legal marijuana market is expected to reach USD 146.4 billion by end of 2025 – Grand View Research

global marijuana market size

3. By product type, marijuana buds segment was estimated to be dominant in 2016 with a revenue share of 62.9% and is estimated to be valued at USD 82.9 billion by end of 2025 – Grand View Research

4. Sales of legal cannabis in the U.S. amounted to nearly $10 billion in 2018 alone. – Fit Small Business

5. 62% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana. – Fit Small Business

62% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana.Click To Tweet

6. The startup cost for a regulated cannabis dispensary is approximately $775,000. – Fit Small Business

7. In the cannabis industry, women hold around 36% of executive positions as opposed to only 15% in other industries. – Fit Small Business

8. The average price for an ounce of high-quality marijuana in the U.S. is $320.- Fit Small Business

9. A regulated dispensary averages about $3 million per year in revenue.- Fit Small Business

10. Annual operating costs for a regulated dispensary average about $1.92 million annually.- Fit Small Business

11. About 18% of American consumers aged 18 to 29 use marijuana.- Fit Small Business

fit small business marijuana stats

12.  Most people spend an average of $25 to $50 per trip at a marijuana retailer. – Fit Small Business

13. There are 9,397 active licenses for marijuana businesses as of 2017. – Fit Small Business

14.  55 million Americans are cannabis users. – Fit Small Business

15. Legal sales could hit more than $22 billion by 2022 – Fool.com

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16. Recreational pot sales could double medical sales by 2022 – Fool.com

17. Total U.S. cannabis demand is $52.5 billion – Fool.com

18. Marijuana jobs growth to average 21% a year through 2022 – Fool.com

19. Fully legalized cannabis could eventually top U.S. cigarette sales – Fool.com

20. Two in three Americans support the legalization of recreational marijuana – Flow Hub

medical marijuana support statistics

21.  Capital raising from North American public cannabis companies totaled $394.1 million in January of 2019 alone – Flow Hub

22.  The forecasted growth of the US cannabis industry is up to $80 billion – Flow Hub

23. Revenue from the CBD category is forecasted to reach $1 billion per year – Flow Hub

24. The median salary for cannabis workers is 10.7% higher than the median salary in the US – Flow Hub

25. Demand for cannabis industry jobs was up 76% from December 2017 to December 2018 – Flow Hub

glassdoor cannabis job openings

26. The median salary for the cannabis industry is $58,511 per year – Flow Hub

27. CBD market will hit $22 Billion by 2022 – Rolling Stone

28. sales of legal recreational and medical cannabis in the United States in 2017 topped those of Oreos and organic produce combined. – MJ Biz Daily

sales of marijuana mj biz daily

29.  Spending on legal cannabis worldwide is expected to hit $57 billion by 2027 – Forbes

30.  Australia’s legal cannabis market is forecast to grow from $52 million in 2018 to $1.2 billion in 2027, the 5th largest in the world. – Forbes

31. Germany is poised to be the leader of the European cannabis market, and Italy is expected to be second with $1.2 billion in sales by 2027. – Forbes

32.  Investors invested $10 billion into the North American legal marijuana industry. – Fortune

Medical Marijuana Sales by State 2018

medical marijuana sales

Recreational Marijuana Sales by State 2018

recreational marijuana sales

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